Centrifugal pumps

Repair of centrifugal pumps

  • Reparation / Revamping (performance optimization)
    All type of API (OH, BB, VS), all makes, on site or in our workshops. Valuing, design, machining, manufacture, assembly and testing. Repair consists of reproducing identically, whereas revamping is aimed at improving the performances of a pump that already runs at its maximum original capacity.
  • Distributor of new pumps
    We distribute a dozen major European brands offering a wide range of standardized pumps with flows from 1 o 30,000m3 per hour. Horizontal, vertical, submersible, immerged, centrifugal, barrel, multi or single-stage pumps in the most modern materials to normal or highly demanding standards such as the API 610 10th edition.
  • Expertise, commissioning
    Factory reception and testing on behalf of customers.
    On-site commissioning, measuring performance and validating equipment. Accreditation of installations.