Created in 1994 by Thierry BUNEL, former officer in the merchant navy, EUROFILIALES is specialized in the field of centrifugal pumping fluids.

  Distributor of pumps and industrial sectors shipyard in France, EUROFILIALES is equipped with a repair and assembly guaranteeing its customers a quality service.

At the request of some loyal customers, and in addition to providing complete pumps we started the manufacturing of spare parts for many obsolete pumps from the original manufacturers.

  EUROFILIALES has also developed its own range of mechanical seals which by design, allows us to meet the requirements of our customers at competitive prices and lead times.

The sharp increase in prices and delays especially in most of the original manufacturers have forced us to react quickly in the world with a personalized service, always attentive to the needs of our clients.

  Today, with more than 20 years of experience, we are able to offer a full a la carte, whatever your needs. 
Created in 1994 by Thierry BUNEL, a former merchant navy officer, EUROFILIALES specializes in centrifugal pump systems for fluids. 

As a distributor of pumps for shipping, industrial applications, oil-works and by-products, EUROFILIALES created a repair and assembly shop to be in position to guarantee high levels of quality service, competitiveness and reactivity for its customers.

Over and above supplying complete pump units, on request from certain loyal customers, we began to manufacture made-to-measure spare parts for large numbers of pumps that had become obsolete amongst original equipment manufacturers. EUROFILIALES has also developed its own range of mechanical seals, whose design enables us to meet our customers' requirements at competitive prices and delivery schedules.

Significant increases in price and -even more so- in delivery schedules amongst most original equipment manufacturers have forced us to react rapidly throughout the world by providing customized services, and by systematically paying close attention to our customer's requirements. Today, with over 20 years' experience, we are capable of making a complete customized offer, no matter what your requirement may be and where the intervention is required.