Our Quality Chart

To accompany you throughout the whole world and to provide every customer with individual optimal solutions based on state-of-the-art know-how, adaptation to the technology in use and irreproachable product and service quality.


For keeping our customer's confidence and making our relations long-lasting implementing an integrated management approach became a company objective as early as in 2003.

The requirements of the ISO 9001 quality reference specifications correspond to our company's culture : rigour, compliancy with manufacturing and control procedures, and a permanent endeavour to satisfy our customers and improve our work.

The company has also integrated security and environmental safety requirements into these reference specifications. They are applicable no only on our own works but also on our customers' premises for complying with their site requirements.

Lastly, in order to approach our customers' expectations and requirements even more closely, we have implemented ISo TS 29001 reference specifications in our approach to improvement. These specifications are dedicated to oil, petro-chemical and gas industries.

The fruit of cooperation between the AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE (API) and the ISO committee TC 67 technical committee, the objective of these reference specifications is to guarantee product and service quality on a world-wide level by applying referenced technical procedures and permanently searching for potential risks of failure inherent in our business. Our company is one of the few companies to have implemented these reference specifications so quickly.

As a result, this commitment which involved all our personnel, was crowned wih success by being awarded the double ISO 9001 and ISO TS 29001 certification in January 2005.
 This achievement does not make us forget that our principal objective is, as always, to satisfy our customer's requirements.