TB Holding is an industrial group including Eurofiliales and other trade groups as required to ensure effective and quick production and quality services to satisfy customers.

As a vertical structure, TBH covers all of the processes of the production to repair pumps and Diesel or electric motors : foundry work, machining, repairs, etc.

TBH operates internationally and in partnership with French companies, not to mention Spanish and Polish companies.


Indar has worked in close relation with Eurofiliales for more than 15 years. The site is nearby (4 hours'drive) and its expertise in electrical motors has made it a key partner.

Specialized in the repair and supply of electric motors and submersible pumps, Indar holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Working along the same lines as Eurofiliales, Indar Electric can revamp all types and all brands of motors and generators with as-new warrantees and standards.



Eurofiliales works in partnership with ANGA, a Polish company specialized in the production of mechanical seals, which has established a reputation in the field with 19 patents registered since 1994. Furthermore, ANGA holds ISO 9001 and 14001 certification and its range is designed in conformity with API 682, ATEX, API 610...

ANGA can meet all of your demands, no matter how simple or complex, thanks to :

- its engineers

- its plant equipped with modern powered tools

- its research laboratory

- its metrology laboratory

-its warranty and after-sales service

- its API 682 test benches

ANGA and Eurofiliales offer competitive services and sharp reactivity for customers such as EDF, ENI, TOTAL, SHELL, SOMIK and SONANGOL, etc..

We use specific test benches to comply with API 682 standards.



Mexel 432 EP is an innovative high-technology process and the result of several years of research and tests. The product is an emulsion which places a protective molecular film on the internal surfaces of the system to be protected, unlike other products, whose purpose is to sterilize the mass of water.

Eurofiliales and Mexel became partners in 2005 for the distribution of this process in the field of oil operations.


To satisfy the demands of our clients, and logic to control an entire pump unit, EUROFILIALES has the expertise to work on all types of diesel engines (Deutz, Baldwin, Man, Mitsubishi, GM, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Volvo, Lombardini, Nanni Diesel, Perkins, Iveco ...), in our workshop or on site intervention.